Dale Con 2 and Interview with Danny John-Jules

Music Video at WOSCON 2015.

At Doncaster Dome we did a How To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse with our Z.C.R.R.U Team with help and support from ZeeTeamEvents

We were asked by "OverKill Apparel" for a advertising Photoshoot with one of our First Order Storm Troopers (Seth) London July 2016

One of our Clone Trooper members at LFCC, having a "Dance Off" with Captain Jack Sparrow

LFCC Music Video 2015 by AEX

We attended YCC8 and was asked by the BBC Look North, if they could film us. 

Official Video of WOSCON 2015 with our attendance.

Stoke Con 2015 by Jonathan Oldbury of Home Of TV Nostalgia - Stoke-On-Trent, Sunday 20th April 2015. 

Stoke Con 2015 Music Video - Stoke-On-Trent, Sunday 20th April 2015. 

Em-Con - Nottingham, Sunday 15th March 2015. 

Feel The Force Day - The worlds first convention especially designed for disabled Adults and children. 18th October 2014 - BBC Coverage

Lord Mayor of Barnsley Parade 2013 ~ Winner of 'Outstanding Contribution to the Parade 2013'

London New Years Day Parade 2013

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Surge at London Film and Comic Con Summer 2014 - Photo Metro

One of our Darth Vader's were interviewed by "MakeMyMedia Team" a youtube blogger whom attended the Showmaster's Sheffield Film and Comic Convention Aug 2014

We Attended the Showmaster's Sheffield Film and Comic Convention Aug 2014 and was approached by one of the news papers for filming for the event.

Our Zombie Contagion Rapid Response Unit (Z.C.R.R.U) filming for Resident Evil 6 - "No Hope Left" for Capcom.

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We are a Professional Character Actor Organisation, whom portray characters from movies, film, games and comic novels. We help raise money and awareness for charities and worth while causes, while having FUN in the process!

A video montage by one of our members in remembrance to Richard LeParmentier a friend and Honorary Member.

We Attended the Showmaster's Sheffield Film and Comic Convention 2015 and were asked to partake in a cosplay video by Wild Box Studios