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We are a Professional Character Actor Organisation, whom portray characters from movies, film, games and comic novels. We help raise money and awareness for charities and worth while causes, while having FUN in the process!

Our Marvel and DC devisions have united and help protect the galaxy together from the evil forces at hand.

We are the FireStorm Girls, we are the Elite Female Division of the Novare Alliance.
We are strong like the feistiest storm and just as hot as fire.

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Meet Surge, an Ape with a taste for the finer things in life. Surge loves Aping about but be warned, he doesn't like monkey business :)

UK Special Weapons And Tactics (UK-SWAT) is the only AUTHENTIC Representation of SWAT Teams in the UK which work in partnership with charities, private events, film and game industry. UK SWAT is part of our UK based group of professional character actors who uses authentic Los Angles Police Department (LAPD) SWAT Gear. All our gear is authentic LAPD SWAT and LAPD Officer Uniforms and equipment, which we pride ourselves on being not only the best in the UK but the best in Europe too.

Zombie Contagion Rapid Response Unit (Z.C.R.R.U), whether you want zombies or a the clean up crew to eliminate your zombie threat, we are the people to call.

If you are into Star Trek, then take a look at our Star Trek division, the USS NOVARE NX-79516 is a Federation Prometheus Class Starship with a few added extras. All alien species welcome.